Developers of 


Premier Distribution speicialises in the sales of fast moving consumer goods.

We run our business with passion. Every day. Every project. We open ourselves to exciting collaborations – from having top celebrities endorsing our brands to working with retailers and building outstanding in-store presence. Or working with influencers to make our products a new fashion statement.

Every brand we work with, we ground our thinking in strategies, but the magic is added when we play with different ideas in search of the most creative solution. We challenge ourselves to see what’s possible. Set new standards. Breed new subcultures. Make your products something people can’t live without.

Why us?


Since the very beginning, we have been very clear that we want to bring new brands with great depths and attitudes to Australia & New Zealand. Over the years, we’ve developed a rigorous brand selection process to ensure that we stay true to our vision and always bring new brand stories for people to discover.